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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> bob ehrlich has hit the air waves. the republican candidate for governor rehis first tv adam of the race. good evening, i am deborah weiner. we are already getting a response from his likely opponent, governor martin o'malley. george lettis joins us live in the studio with a report. >> and deny ra, the ehrlich campaign titled the adam let's get to work. it outlines his major golson for maryland. tonight the o'malley campaign says it outlines his empty promises and distortion of the
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facts. in his first television adam in the race to get his old job back, republican bob ehrlich reintroduceses himself to maryland voters. and tells us why he is running again. >> worse offer than we were four years ago. >> we showed that spot to a political analyst. >> it was a perfect opening adam for bob ehrlich's campaign. >> he matches o'malley's posstift. and he looked good from the blue sky down to the blue shirt. >> the sthetics matter with the ads. it is very important as to getting the mood of the candidate. >> the adam outlines ehrlich's major golson. help small businesses, improve school, protect the bay. >> and fix the budget. >> the o'malley campaign responded to the adam. in his pie in the sky adam, bob
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ehrlich is once again distorting the facts as making more empty promises as he tries to run away from his record as the biggest spending governor in maryland's history. >> he never makes promises as to how to do it. >> they don't want to hear that now. they want to know how are you going to help us out of the recession. >> maryland has dangerous tess says ehrlich, not enough jobs. >> the o'malley campaign says as governor, ehrlich raised taxes and fees by more than $3 billion, and he was hiking taxes on sbaubs. george lettis, 11 news. >> early voting still in full swing. they will reopen tomorrow morning and continue through thursday. 22,000 people took advantage of
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those early voting locations. they will open tomorrow morning. in baltimore city, stations will open at 10:00 a.m. there won't be much of a holiday break for barack obama, who was focusing on jobs this he could would. his goal, create them for out of work americans and save them for democrats on khalil. president obama says he is trying to pass a low that will provide tax breaks for those creating jobs in america. small business owners are grateful, but felt they should have been done a long time ago. >> when they passed the stimulus package, they said unemployment would be a mament muck of 8%. it is now 9.6%. enough said. >> the president is expecteded to outline the proposal in a speech on the economy later this week. our commitment 2010 coverage continues on our website at we've posted information on the candidates as well as i-team reporter, dave lucas adam
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checks. it is all there. for the second week in a row, university of maryland students have been targets of late-night crime. in the early morning hours, a student was walking along hartwick road when he was tackled, and they took cash from him. in response to the recent crime, police have launched a campaign called crime time. they say this is between 2:00 and 4:00 a.m. and is when a student is most likely to be targeted. >> we are encouraging anyone who is traveling late night or early morning to try and travel in pairs. let somebody know where you're going. >> police have posted information about the new initiative and encouraged everyone to use caution during this time of night. >> a lot man is in florida seeking answers in his mother's disappearance. police are investigating the discovery of two bodies. one has been identified as 67-year-old arthur sheldon.
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now the question is if the other is goldie may robinson. the two were taken care of kimberly smith. the bodies were found on her property. they are awaiting and autopsy to find out if the second body is his mother. >> if she suffered at all, it's a nightmare that i wouldn't wish on anybody. >> the suspect is currently in jail on a probation violation. investigators say they are not ruling out any other suspects. >> a construction worker who was partially buried in a trench to two hours was rescued this afternoon. a man in his 50's was working around three men tonight when he was buried by pile of dirt. he was working six feet down. the workers were able to dig out his upper body and he was pulled out. >> a sad update.
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anne arundel county police say a 2-year-old boy pulled from a swimming pool yesterday morning has died. they found the boy in the 7900 block of tick neck road. the cause of death not officially released. >> officials say the waves calm down today after earl. despite the wind and rain, many vacationers headed to the beach this weekend. greeted by big waves. life guards pulled some out of the current. some were up to the challenge of taking on the rough such. >> yes, there are a lot of rips out there. waves are like head-high. >> how tiring is it? >> very tiring. >> it works you out there. you have to know what you are doing. it's pretty big. it's a lot of fun. >> some 250,000 vacationers were expected this weekend at ocean city. and the storm that was the
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justin bieber concert blew into town today, and it was a powerful punch. >> this says it all the the frantic race to secure the best possible view to see the teen sensation. who has taken the state fair to a whole new place. >> we love you justin. >> some waited in line for hours for the with band to guarantee a spot. >> a lot of parents were standing in line this morning for wrist bands. >> listen to how 11 news reporter george lettis tries to break down bieber fever. >> i am excited a lot. >> can you breathe right now? >> no. >> tell me your excitement level right now. >> we are pumped. >> he sings about me. >> how do you know that? >> because he sings to me. ♪
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>> the canadian-born pop star is singing to a lot of local merchants, too. >> it has been a great day already. we are already a little behind. i have to pick it up and get back to work. >> he has helped ause lot. >> apparently there is some connection between this and $7 turkey legs. >> we are selling a lot of turkey legs. >> justin bieber! >> don't overthink it. just remember this. >> he's talented, he is smart and he's hot. >> what will we do when it's over? did you catch the fever? you can show us your pictures and video. upload them to our web page. this is the last day of the fair. send your fair pictures. log on to and log on to u-local. and we it show it on the news. >> covering the world tonight, an investigation in a british
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newspaper says iran is directly funding the taliban to attack u.s. forces in afghanistan. the sunday times says five companies have been on construction contracts financed by foreign donors and some of the money comes back through kabul and is paid to taliban commanders. u.s. troops joined the battle today against heavily armed militants. 12 people were killed and dessens injured. this is the first time u.s. troops have opened fins since the august 31 deadline. >> the investigation into what caused the explosion on the deepwater horizon oil rig is continuing with a key piece of evidence. >> this is what investigators are hoping will shed light on the nation's worst environmental disaster. last night crews hoisted the failed blowout preventor.
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the device was handed over to federal authorities as they investigate what caused the april 20th explosion that killed 11 people. >> knowing we have this b.o.p. stack on service and the investigation moving forward, everybody is going to understand what has taken place. >> as f.b.i. agents escort the five-story tall stack to louisiana for analysis. final preparations for permanently killing the well are now underway. >> i am pleased to announce that the new blowout preventor put on the well, that the well does not constitute a threat to the gulf of mexico at this point. >> even with no oil flowing in the gulf, officials are moving forward with plans for the bottom kill procedure. >> we should be able to move forward with the relief well again sometime this next week. >> with the final plugging of the well, focus turns to clean
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up, that will continue for a long time. nbc news. >> still ahead tonight, a leading pet product company is recalling thousands of dog treats. plus, how far is too far when it comes to football? hear the controversial comment one hall of famer made about this thursday's upcoming game. and officials in one town are cracking down on saggy pants. how unfitted bottoms are costing folks. >> it is cahilly out there. it is already cahilly out there. it is 61 at the airport. milder downtow
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>> tonight the attorney for the jeb flight continued -- jetblue
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flight attendant said he quick, not fired. he grabbed some beer and triggered an inflatable chute after a passenger on his head. he has pled guilty on all charges. >> there is a change. a black sensored box has been placed over the adult service section of the site. the site known for thinly vabled -- veiled. the senored box links to nowhere. >> we are thank thul that crigs list has shut down its adult services section, and we believe that act less ens the
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suffering of so many girls sold for sex. >> it is unknown whether the box is permanent or temporary or whether a message to the critics of the site. craigslist has made no comment. >> meanwhile, google under fire tonight for wear it handles search results. a texas attorney is investigating whether it is fair. a spokesman for the attorney general did not comment on the investigation. >> nearly 75,000 bags of dog treats are being recalled tonight due to possible salmonella poisons. hartz mountain corp is recalling its beef treats. the company says there have been no reports of canine or human illness. if you have them, you are advised to throw them away. >> it is not uncommon for a
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school to bag saggy pants as part of its dress code. now one city is doing it. the city of dublin, georgia, added to it's indecent. the article of clothing must be three inches below the top of the hip. some say it could lead to profiling. >> i don't like that, but i think people should have the right to dress like they won. >> first-time offenders will be charged $25 and up to $200 for each additional offense. an ordinance is expected to be signed into law on tuesday. >> so far i hope you are having a great weekend. weather-wise you couldn't ask for anything better. low humidity and plenty of sun. temperatures are just below seasonal averages.
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we are in the 70's for the high. right now we are down to 61 at the airport. high pressure is going to be moving offshore tonight and tomorrow, and that will make us a few degrees warmer tomorrow. we are looking at 72 downtown. 57 already up north. look at these western maryland temperatures. 51 in fort mchenry. here is what we are looking at as far as our high, 78 and 81 respectively. tomorrow we may get up to 83. so a little milder with a southeasterly flow. this morning we were 52, so nice and crisp outside. 63 downtown. as far as the rest of the overnight, we are going to be in the same ring. 52 in the outlying areas, 59 downtown, with a west-northwest wind. right now the winds are absolutely calm.
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tomorrow is labor day, so fire up the grill, get the coals ready. sunny and pleasant. lots of smiles. no problems for outdoor koch outs. 83 for the high. if you do have travel plans across the state, for the mountains of western maryland, lots of sun and 78 degrees. here in central maryland generally low 80's. maybe upper 70's in the extreme outlying areas and 0 light south witnesses. across the bay, 9 to 80 around the shore. on the bay, south winds at 5-10 knots. waves only a foot. the water tillman just under 80 degrees. what we have in play is the high pressure that was over us today will be moving off shore, and that sets up more of a southeasterly flow. you can see that ahead of cold front getting through here by wednesday night. it is going to bring nice
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temperatures but come through dry. we have a nice dry forecast, but we will see an increase in the heat for the fast first half of this week. as far as the tropics, gaston not showing much organization. right now, nothing going on. there may be another tropical depression in the gulf of mexico. other than that, things are quiet here. 83 tomorrow, plenty of sun. sunny and 88 tuesday. wednesday, near 90. then that front gets through here, and thursday and friday we are around about 80 before we split the difference and see a slight chance of showers sunday. >> thank you. a hall of fame defensive tackle is being criticized for his remarks brp thursday night's football game. dan hampton is an analyst on pro football weekly. he turned quite a few heads when he referenced hurricane katrina. >> if you watched that playoff game last year, the vikings need to go down there and hit that town like carolina.
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i think they go down there and get it done. >> hit the town like katrina is what he said. we want to know your opinion. do you think hall of famer dan hampton was out of line about the comments he made about hurricane katrina. we have received dessens of comments so far saying yes, he went too far. >> sometimes we get caught up in sports on tv, and you lose perspective. it's a reminder for me to think before you talk. >> yes. >> that was really stupid. there was no arguing that. tomorrow we have some other good football. maryland and nava getting back to go. see in the terps can do what they did five years ago. ♪
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>> buck showalter climbed his way to a 900 they career victory saturday. yu beimel thinking 01 went more. fighting through adversity against a team 30 games over .500, another sign change a has come to baltimore. a nice way to honor the 15th anniversary of cal ripken's 2,130 game. he is backing up in a hurry. doesn't matter. a two-run shot off weighed davis. orioles up 4-1. top four, rays are fighting.
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1/2, roberts in position, makes the play. his addition to this line up a constant reminder this team isn't horrible. b.j. upton unloading on that mistake for johnson. a two-run home run. they had three in the game, did the rays. it's 5-4. bottom six, here come the birds again. roberts the other way. carl crawford couldn't find it in the sun apparently. disburse -- itzuris flying around the plate, and he is in. evan longoria swinging, and the orioles win a rubber match for the second time in 14 tries. 8-7 is your final. >> the day following mandatory roster chucks, the ravens' roster saw more changes dud. brian mccann. and an agreement is in place to sign former louisville
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quarterback, hunter kentwell to the practice squad. as for the ravens' top draft pick, sergio kendall, he says he will take the field next month. he said he can't wait to get back with the team. the ravens have raymond a little more cautious about his availability. kendall continues to recover from a skull track tor from falling down two flights of stairs. he says he will change his number from 49 to 94. the ravens won't play at home until september 26. now dubbed the crab bowl, and they have a trophy for it, nava and maryland ken: at 4:00 saturday. they put on a great show last year. nava took a fourth quarter lead. fourth down, late fourth quarter on the swing pass. maryland's lance ball somehow avoids a tackle, keeps going
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and gets the first down. huge play as it sets up sam hollenbach. just over a minute to play. this time around, though, nava is the clear favorite. he just wants the matchup to take place more than it does. >> we plan virginia. that is a rivalry. we play west virginia. that is a rivalry. we play virginia tech. that is a rivalry. but when you are playing somebody that is 25 miles away from you, it's going to turn into a rivalry, and that is what i would like to see it become. >> hopefully we see it end like this one. tulsa. fourth and 10, five seconds, hale mary. domonique davis, plenty of air, and he has the right target. 6'8" justin jones. rise and shine. he out-talls everyone to the ball. east carolina stuns tulsa, your final, 51-49.
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>> andy roddick out of the top 10 for the first time in years and goes out in the second round. andy murray out in the next round. nadal takes the first said, 6-4. we have a good rally. samoan has gnawed after balance, and apparently that is right where the spaniard wants to be. playbook at that forehand winner. that sets up the match point for the spaniard. point-blank ace. nadal on to the fourth round, 6-4-, 6-4, 46 of 6-2. >> the third round of the deutsche bank championship. they are treating it like the john deere classic. really low scores. not the finest way to determine the best, but we get good highlights. >> phil mickelson, a little wedge. this for an eagle.
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dropping it like it's hot. to minus 12. phil is in the hunt. schneck kershaw is tied for the elite -- lead. in the clubhouse at mines 16. jason day, same hole. for the trifecta chip-in, misses by an inch. however, he gets a bird, and he takes a one shot lead at 17 under. you can see the final round tomorrow on 11 news. >> we will check the forecast with sandra right after this.
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